Tuesday, 23 August 2011

coming home

The Trip Home.

Hey all its just me again! As most of you know that i am now living in Queensland and am from Victoria. Tonight Jamie and I will be hitting the road for our trip back home, so i wont be blogging for a few days. I will be keeping track of our trip and will update you all as soon as i get back to Victoria.

As it takes 2,156kms which is about 1 day and 2 hours, (google knows everything) to get there, i will have lots to tell you about.

The Things I'm looking forward to the most when i come home!

❥ Seeing all my wonderful friends.
❥ Seeing my Dad
❥Visiting my little brother and family
❥Staying with one of my many family's
❥Going out and Getting really really drunk with all my friends
❥Celebrating my friends 21st with him and everyone
❥And seeing my doggy and fish

If this trip is anything like our car ride up here, then I'm sure you guys will get a bit of a laugh out of it..

Stay Tuned!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

10 Things That Make Me Happy!

"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections"

The Boyfriend, his dorky jokes.  (even if i don't get them)

Sunny days, I love them.

My Little Brother, His smile always makes me happy!

New friends, I love meeting knew people.

Shopping, even if its food shopping!

My New PINK laptop.

Getting mail, I love opening mail.(apart from bills)

Having all nighters with awesome friends!

Snuggles on the couch, watching movies with my lover!

V, without energy drinks id be the walking dead.

 Sam xx



A Little about my work and what i do, its really nothing exciting!
I work at the Coolabah Tree Cafe, yeah i like it for the moment it pays my bills! That's all i have to worry about! right?

So it involves serving customers, making coffees, some cleaning duties and being as happy as Larry! (at 3.30am in the mornings a litte hard) & at the moment i am in the process of being trained for a supervisor. (Cool huh?, i know! I'm excited too) 

Sure i like my job, i like the regular customers that come in and you can have a nice conversation with them and a bit of a joke..

The funny side that i like, taking orders from people involves asking for the customers name so we know who to give it too when the food/coffee is ready..
"today you can be anyone who you want"
With Some people their names are on their tops if not, and you ask i swear that some people make up a name.. They look at you really strange and then say a name by this point I'm thinking, "really is that all you could come up with"
(hehe, but who knows, it may be their name)

I Love the people i work with, they are great bunch of people!

Well that just about sums it all up, there is not much more i do that i can tell you all about!

Saturday, 20 August 2011


My Addiction is SHOPPING.

Some of us have an addiction whether its being addicted to drugs, or alcohol.
I have an addiction to shopping, i either look for a bargin or buy things i really shouldn't and can't afford to buy!

Okay so back at home, if i needed to go to midvalley to coles to do FOOD shopping id always find myself going into all the clothes stores and coming out with at least something, becoming alot less broke then i started off with now having -$$ in the bank..

Same situation as yesterday, i knew what i was going shopping for it was meant to be an out fit for a 21st back at home, so i got my out fit, jeans for Jamie and a new pair of shoes that i really shouldn't have got!

I see them hanging there all alone, the last pair, a size 6.. So i take them and ask the girl
"do you have any other sizes" she replies
"whats there is there, im sorry" i reply
"okay great thanks"
so i walk over to the chair and try them on, left foot first, SUCCESS! right foot, SUCCESS!
You little beauty i think to myself, looking at the price tag $59.99, crap that's a little out of my price range today.. I walk around the store debating whether i should or shouldn't get them.

Okay that's it i take them to the counter she scans them, i ask "how much are they" (double checking) She says "$39.99" by that time i am a little excited about how cheap they were..

So that's the bargin i was talking about, yeah? 
Over the moon, and now you can see my addiction first hand.
I don't need to call AA or anything i just need to stop spending money i don't have.

The old saying
"Money doesn't grow on trees"

Sam xx

Friday, 19 August 2011

crap nights sleep..

Having Trouble Sleeping?
Finished work at about 10pm and all i want to do is have a shower because I'm smelling like a deep fryer, feet are sore and i just want to sleep! After my nice hot shower I'm smelling alot nicer, the boyfriends still up watching tv so i relax for a few minutes and then off to bed for me.. A couple minutes catching up with Jamie in bed talking about things i needed to do the next day we decide to snuggle up and go to sleep...

Here i am laying in bed, and there is only the sounds of Jamie breathing, my brains going 100kms an hour and it just won't shut up! Thinking to myself have i done everything i needed to do at work, how am i going to catch up with everyone when i go home as well as a million more things i just can't get to sleep, tossing and turning trying to get comfy just isn't working because my whole body is aching!! We all have these nights, right?

So about an hour of  my brain going 100kms an hour i decide to get up get a drink and then back off to bed for me, ahhh!! No good? Its STILL going!! SHUT UP i think to myself.

About now, i think i am a sleep.....

If someone can tell me how to switch off your brain about an hour before you go to bed, help me out here!!??

Sam xx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My Dad!

My Dad, The Real One.

So i have spoken about all my second dads in my life, its time to talk about the real one, the one that was there when i was born, the one that's been there for all the christmas' & birthdays! He Knows me the best out of anyone, we have been through alot together, i have been with him since i was 3 he was a single parent raising me & has done a wonderful job.

Moving around alot & going from school to school, isn't every kids choice..
Being the only child for sometime was always great, getting everything i wanted & being spoilt was always such fun.

A little off topic, Depression! It's a killer & i don't think anyone should have to go through it.

I'm talking out about it now, as my dad was almost very close to being another victim of this nasty disease, having lost his brother & having a slight addiction to alcohol & amongst other things it didn't help.

Back on topic, i know my dad loves me & i love him very much, we have had some amazing times together and some not so amazing times, id have to say that my dad would have to be my best friend.

He has been a mother & a father to me, being there on mothers day & being lucky enough to get the mothers day presents as well as fathers day.

I think you are one amazing dad, & i love you to the moon & back!

My dad & i.. He thinks hes cool (hehehehe)

Sam xx

Some facts about me!

Weird and Wonderful Facts About Me!

  1. I Have Two Middle Names.
  2. I'm An Only Child, With Many Brothers And Sisters - Go Figure
  3. I'm A Girly Girl In Training.
  4. I Love Being Myself.
  5. I Don't Change If I'm In Different Groups Of Friends. - Really? Whats The Point?
  6. I'm Madly In Love With My Boyfriend - Hes Amazing.
  7. I Love Warm Weather - Queensland The Place To Be.
  8. I Have A Hot Pink Laptop.
  9. Frogs & Geckos Are My New Favorite Critters.
  10. Early Mornings Are So NOT For me.
  11. Yeah I Have Webbed Toes - So What??
  12. I Love All My friends Equally!
  13. I Love Meeting New People - But I'm Slightly Shy, Crazy Huh?
  14. Sleep Has Been My Best Friend Lately.
  15. I Hate Most girls.
  16. I Love Silence.
  17. All My family Mean the World To Me.
  18. I Am Obsessed With ELVIS!! - LOVE HIM
  19. Junk Food? We All Love A Little Bit Of A Fatty Feast.
  20. I'm Stubborn & Not Very Patient.
  21. I Hate Bessel Sprouts.
  22. I Want To Be A Mum Someday.
  23. I Have NEVER Broken A Bone.
  24. I Want To Buy A House - My Dream House
  25. Don't Think Before I Speak - It Will Get Me In Trouble One Day!
  26. I'm A Size 7 In Shoes.
  27. I'm Awesome At Being A Bitch - Probably Should Be My Middle Name
  28. Purple Is My Favorite Colour - But I Have Nothing Purple..
  29. I Think "What If"? Way To Much
  30. I'm Not Allergic To Anything - I Am Yet to Discover This
  31. I'm Very Random
  32. I Believe In Karma! - "What Goes Around Comes Around"
  33. I Get Sidetracked Very Easy!
  34. I Always Say I Am Going To Win Tattslotto & Run Away
  35. I Have Only Recently Got My Licence
  36. Driving Actually Scared The Crap Out Of Me.
  37. I Can Be Very Anti-Social When I'm Feeling Down.
  38. I Love Motorbikes - I'm Yet To Own My Own.
  39. I Have No Tonsils.
  40. One Day I Will Travel To Spain.
  41. I'm A Crappy Liar - Just Ask Geoff Delbridge!
  42. I Hate Meat - But I Have To Eat It.
  43. Old People Scare Me
  44. I Think, Fake Tan, Hair Extensions, Fake Eyelashes Is Not For Me.
  45. Never Make A Promise You Can't Keep.
  46. I Am Now A Sexy Red Head.
  47. I Get Told I Have An Accent Alot! - Freaks Me Out.
  48. Takes Alot For Me to Get Embarrassed.
  49. I Have Glasses - Four Eyes & I Like It.
  50. I Love Mid-day Movies.

To Be Continued...

Sam xx

Monday, 15 August 2011

Crappy day at work..

everyone has crappy days, right??

Okay so today was worse then any other day at work, i got called in 3 hours before my shift was meant to start, nothing had been done at work so trying to serve customers and make desserts and a whole heap of other things i just couldn't wrap my head around everything that needed to be done... "NOT MY DAY"
(lucky i didn't have to stay back until i was supposed to finish)

I'm going to let everyone know that doing big hours at work isn't normal for me.. (i have some getting use too) so i have a sore back, stomach and feet are killing me, having done 9 big hours to come home to a messy house and not much been done i have to cook dinner and clean.

So that's the down side to a shitty day at work!
BUT on the bright side;

One of the supervisors got fired, (who i dislike) to hide her identity her name shell be "YAPYAP" as all she liked doing was boss everyone around and talk down to people in front of customers...!! REAL PROFESSIONAL, hey?? Got told by a customer she needed to take a chill-pill... As i am nearly in tears with laughter i very much agreed!!

Heck works going to be more of a happier place!!
Agree with me people, just for a little piece of mind here!!!

At the end of the day i always love coming home to my boyfriend and him saying hi,how was your day??, where i can let loose and vent..
(i think I'm entitled too have a little sook) 

Sam xx

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Another part of my family!!!

My Other Family!

Other then the Delbdrige family i have another family that i have claimed as my own!

This family i met when i lived in Yallourn North, In Victoria.
I was best friends with the daughter Melissa in primary school, we always had those fun sleepovers, had play dates & had little arguments as kids do..

I was always a fan of her mother Tracie, she was someone i looked up too & claimed as a "SECOND MUM" i was a very cheeky little girl & tried to play "Match Maker" with Trac & my Dad.. Always trying to get them to meet & have a date!

As years went by it all eventually went to plan, my Dad & Trac finally got together..
We played happy families for a few years, & it was awesome, in that time they had my little brother Spencer, who i love to the moon and back..

Best Memory;
Our family trips to Lakes Entrance were always the best memories i have, but the best memory was the trip we had when they told us kids we were going to have a little brother/sister! So 9 months went past & Spencer was born into this beautiful world.

Few years went past we had family problems, and things started to fall apart. Parents having problems, kids not getting along. At the end of the day it came to the point where the parents had to go their different ways..

"NO FAMILIES ARE PERFECT" (if you know a family that's perfect, Enlighten me)

Being the family i always loved & never forgot about i still am apart of!!

Trac now is as happy as ever & has a New partner who i love and think very highly of, he makes her so happy & best of all he is amazing with us "kids". Hes the Dad my little brother needs in his life.

Trac (MUM) - As Mum is somewhat camera shy i unfortunately don't have a photo that i can share with everyone, but who needs a photo when words can still explain how beautiful someone is.!! MUM is someone i still look up too & ask for advice off, shes the real mum i always wanted in my life, & being there for me at the right time when i needed a "lady" in my life. Going through, "girly things" & talking about the "birds & the Bees" with was always something i looked forward too instead of talking to my dad about them. This Lady has had a HUGE impact on my life & i will NEVER forget her! I LOVE YOU MUM!

MELISSA (liss) - Shes the best friend that i had for years until she became my sister, we told secrets to each other & hung out all the time.. We were pretty inseparable! Now we are older, we are still close even though we don't see each other as much! She is now going to have a Bubby, & i know for a fact shes going to be the best mum ever!!
 (i think i am more excited then she is) 

LAUREN (lolly) - You were only little when i first came into your life, you wouldn't really remember. Your the annoying little sister everyone loves having, stealing my make-up or trying to fit into my clothes & shoes.. You have now grown up to be a very pretty young lady.. Now you are in your teens rebellious as ever & know matter what you choose to do you will always have a family that loves you, even if we are hard on you. (rebelling is just part of being a teenager, something we all go through)

SPENCER (boo) - You have know idea how much love people have for you, you are our little angel! You are such a beautiful little boy & am looking forward for you to get real big & i can call you my not so little brother.. The day you came into this world i knew you would make a big impact on every ones heart that you come across. Your such a gentleman and pull all the girls now, id like to see how you go in twenty years!! (hehehe)

& last but never forgotten!

IAN (poppa bear) - I have so much respect for you, the way you are with spency is amazing! I love how you make trac so happy, its taken a while for her to find her feet & be this happy. I thank - you for making her so happy as she deserves every little bit of happiness she gets!! I have claimed you as my step-dad, and look forward to many good times to come with you..


Saturday, 13 August 2011

my all time favorite


I love my perfume, and that's not all of them!
Every days a new smell, just goes so well with the beautiful sunny days that i have all the time.
You could very well say that its another addiction of mine. . .
They are all my FAVORITE!!

There is not a day i don't wear my thongs i can't live with out them.
Rain, Hail Or Shine, this is all you will see me wearing!!
Apart from the obvious days that I'm at work and can't wear thongs, it gets to me.. Only because i hate wearing shoes!
If i can't find my thongs when i need to wear them, i panic!
Strange i know!

Sunny days is all i have been seeing since i have moved to Sunny Queensland.
At the moment we are in Winter, if this is how warm it is in winter i think i am officially going to die in summer.
Have seen one little bit of drizzle for the whole month i have been here.
Who wouldn't love the sun!

*Absolutely Bliss*

Leopard print.

My New Love. . .

                                      LEOPARD PRINT...

So every girl has their love for something, whether its shoes, bags, purses or dresses..

My love is, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Leopard. If i have money and see something leopard i have to have it, its my new love.. Some may say its an Obsession..

I was recently shopping and saw a pair of shoes i had to have, i had to resist temptation, as money was short and the boyfriend wouldn't have been too happy.. "I WILL GET THEM ONE DAY" i said to myself.
Give it a couple weeks and ill go back and get them.

The obsession goes as far as sleep with the new love!

Friday, 12 August 2011

star sign

My Star Sign;
The Bull.

April 20 – May 20
Taurus zodiac signs and meanings, like the animal that represents them, is all about strength, stamina and will. Stubborn by nature, the Taurus will stand his/her ground to the bitter end (sometimes even irrationally so). But that’s okay because the Taurus is also a loving, sympathetic and appreciative sign. The Taurus is very understanding and when we need someone to unburden ourselves to, we often share our deepest fears with the Taurians of the zodiac. Taurians are very patient, practical and efficient, they are excellent in matters of business and are also wonderful instructors/teachers. Although initially they may have their own best interest at heart, they are ultimately & endlessly generous with their time, possessions and love

  • Patient
  • Reliable
  • Warmhearted
  • Loving
  • Persistent
  • Determined
  • Placid

On The Dark Side;

  • Jealous
  • Resentful
  • Possessive
  • Inflexible
  • Self-indulgent
  • Greedy
  • Stubborn
So id like to think that i live up to my star sign.

The boyfriend

The Boy Friend. . .


 Hes The Guy That I Love And Am The Most Happiest With.
He Knows How To Make Me Smile.
I Love Our Little Tiffs That We Have Which Don't Last Very Long.
I Love When You Call me BEAUTIFUL.
I Love When You Tell Me You Love me.
I love Our Silly Little Jokes.
I Love Our Little Play Fights.

I Love Your Silly Addiction You Have With LOUD music, Cars, And Now Your New Obsession With Harley Davidson Bikes.

We Have been together for 14 months now and have never been this happy in my life, you are finally everything i ever wanted in a person, how you make me smile so much is just beyond me..

Some Will Say That You Have Got It Way To Good, And Yes I Must Agree.
But I Love Being That House Wife.
I (secretly) Love Getting up In The Mornings and Making Your Lunch For Work.
Making sure you Have Clean Clothes For Work.
Picking Up After You.
And Making Sure Dinner Is Cooked For You When You Come Home From Work.

Your The One I Want To Be With FOREVER!
& Your My Best friend EVER!

♥ I LOVE YOU!! ♥

Monday, 8 August 2011

fear factor


DEFINITION OF FEAR; An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.



Enlighten me on the things you fear the most!

I really do NOT like them, here i am sitting in the doctors room and he tells me i have to get a blood test... I did chicken out and said i will do it through the week i know that i have to get it done, and doing it alone is a CHALLENGE, something i will COMPLETE.

I cant say i know what it is that i fear the most.
So here i am today letting everyone know what i fear the most, with hope that it may help me overcome this.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The family i always wanted..

The Family I Always Wanted..

Welcome to the Delbridge family;


This Lucky family were there for me the most when i needed a home,
About 4 years ago i needed a place to call home and they took my dog & i in & i will always be grateful for what they did.. There is not a day that goes by that i don't think about what they have done for me...

LYN - Mumma Delbridge, You have been there for me as the mum i always wanted for the past 4 years, you helped me with many girly things that a mum should be there for, you were there for me for when i needed a mums shoulder to cry on. We have always had good times together.. I want to thank -you for EVERYTHING you have ever done for me. Your an amazing person.

GEOFF - Geoff, where do i start with you, i already have a dad but having that second dad is always amazing, your the second dad that was lucky enough to end up with an "ADOPTED" daughter even if you didn't want another daughter.. I want to thank -you for giving me some guide lines in life and being that "HARD ASS" dad that i needed in my life, always giving me the advice i needed to hear, even if sometimes id disagree.
thanks Geoff..

TRENT - We have always been great friends, i was lucky enough to have a friend like you that let me be the other annoying sister, well in this case your little annoying sister.. (hehe) We have always been great friends helped each other out and had fights like brothers and sisters do, but we always sorted things out.. Your an amazing friend, and thank - you for everything you have done for me.

DANIELLE - Hey MOLE, so we all know that we are the bestest sisters ever, whether we fight and give each other crap, or being cool and hanging out on weekends, to watching scary movies and eating junk food ALL weekend, there always so much fun.. And something i want to thank -you was for giving me one of the coolest 18th's ever.. Yeah we spent it at a dingy place but it was great fun... Ill always remember that with you & stacey. Thanks for being the sister i always wanted!!...

So that's it, this is my Adopted family..

No ones perfect!!

No Ones Perfect!

People can say they are perfect but really we all know everyone isn't perfect, we all have our own little special not so perfect things.
We may have something that's noticeable, that we are secretly embarrassed about, or for some people they just don't care what people think!

 BUT.. For me, i have my webbed toes i was always embarrassed about them and constantly wear thongs (strange i know) ,
but now days i am not so embarrassed.. I am 20 years old, and people look at feet all the time, my Nan had them and i think that it was a gift from her (thanks nan)..

So that just about raps it up, that's my not so perfect embarrassing fault, that i am no longer embarrassed about!!!