Friday, 16 September 2011



The other day Jamie and i went to the Tablelands. What is Tablelands you are asking your self? Its the place id love to go to all the time if it didn't have a nasty road you drive up and a walk that could kill. (haha) But tablelands is a beautiful place with waterfalls, just out of bluff.

Its such a beautiful place with ferns, palm trees, the birds tweeting away and as you get closer you can hear the sound of the water gushing down the falls. It truly is amazing, we got there and stayed until the sun was going down it was beautiful. Walking down a dirt track and then walking down 240 steps wasn't so bad but walking up was the killer.

On the way back we just got to the car before it got dark and we drove all the way down the windy road, as we got closer to town there were lots of cows wondering around in the dark and lots of little kangaroos, we were driving really slowly with the lights on and this little kangaroo was just hopping in front of us for about 3 minutes, it was the funniest thing ever.

It was really a nice day.

Sam xx

Sunday, 11 September 2011


When was the last time you had me-time?

Now that i work i don't get much me-time.
On my day's off i like having some me-time, and i don't think i could get sick of my own company.

i love sleeping in and laying in bed listening to the birds chirping and the sun shining through my curtains, looking at the time and it hits 10:00am i think to myself ill get up at 10:30 and have a shower and get my day rolling.

After my nice hot shower i come into the lounge plonk my butt on the couch and check my facebook and blog, after that do the house work in silence. I love having no noise while i tinkering around the house.

After everything is done its about 12.00 in the afternoon and i love sitting down and watching the mid - day movie, after the movie its about 2pm and I'm sleepy as buggery. Seeing as I'm in the middle of nowhere there really isn't much to do on my days off so i be a lounge lizard for the rest of the day either until Jamie comes home or i have to go pick him up.

When was the last time you had some me-time? And how do you like to spend it? Do you jam pack it with 'stuff' Or do you like to enjoy the quiet?

Sam xx

Saturday, 10 September 2011

My little summary of the king

Elvis Aaron Presley.

Some may know and some may not that i have this crazy crush on Elvis. Why? well i love his music, his little wobbly dance move he did with his legs and his looks. If you have ever been in my room at the Delbridge's you will see my awesome posters i have of him. I had many Cd's of his music but all my moving around from house to house they have somewhere along the line gone missing or thrown out. NOT COOL!!!

When it was cool to play music off you phone all you would hear was Elvis coming from mine, and if it wasn't Justin Timberlake or Blink 182 i would get these real funny looks off everyone. Each to their own id say!

Elvis in a Sun Records promotional photo
in 1954
Born January the 8th and sadly passed away on the 16th of August 1977 he was one of the most popular singers of the 20th century,he is widely known by the single name Elvis. He is often referred to as the "King of Rock and Roll" or simply "the King".
Elvis' birth place in Tupelo Mississippi. 
Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, Presley moved to Memphis, Tennessee, with his family at the age of 13. He began his career there in 1954 when Sun Records owner Sam Phillips, eager to bring the sound of African-American music to a wider audience, saw in Presley the means to realize his ambition. Accompanied by guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black, Presley was one of the originators of rockabilly, an uptempo, backbeat-driven fusion of country and rhythm and blues. RCA Victor acquired his contract in a deal arranged by Colonel Tom Parker, who would manage the singer for over two decades. Presley's first RCA single, "Heartbreak Hotel", released in January 1956, was a number one hit. He became the leading figure of the newly popular sound of rock and roll with a series of network television appearances and chart-topping records. His energized interpretations of songs, many from African American sources, and his uninhibited performance style made him enormously popular—and controversial. In November 1956, he made his film debut in Love Me Tender.
The ironic cover of elvis' 1956 debut album.
Conscripted into military service in 1958, Presley relaunched his recording career two years later with some of his most commercially successful work. He staged few concerts, however, and, guided by Parker, proceeded to devote much of the 1960s to making Hollywood movies and soundtrack albums, most of them critically derided. In 1968, after seven years away from the stage, he returned to live performance in a celebrated comeback television special that led to an extended Las Vegas concert residency and a string of profitable tours. In 1973, Presley staged the first concert broadcast globally via satellite, Aloha from Hawaii, seen by approximately 1.5 billion viewers.
Elvis' final resting place at Graceland.
Prescription drug abuse severely compromised his health, and he died suddenly in 1977 at the age of 42.
Presley in Aloha From Hawaii, broadcast live via satellite on January 14, 1973. The singer himself came up with his famous outfit's eagle motif, as "something that would say 'America' to the world
Presley is regarded as one of the most important figures of 20th-century popular culture. He had a versatile voice and unusually wide success encompassing many genres, including country, pop ballads, gospel, and blues. He is the best-selling solo artist in the history of popular music, Nominated for 14 competitive Grammys, he won three, and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36. He has been inducted into four music halls of fame.

 ♪ R.I.P The King! ♪

Sam xx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

My friends

People change & so do friends.

I wish i could have stayed friends with everyone from school, but people change from group to group and everyone loses contact.
As you get older you either gain friends or you lose them, i can say i have lost my fair share of friends from petty little crap that causes fights and you stop talking.
I also have gained some of the most awesome friends from being myself and not being involved with some of the petty stuff some people are into. 

I love all my friends equally and having that "best friend" i don't believe in, i know some people that have one best friend one week and another for another week. Its like they change friends more then they change their underwear! I don't think I'm really into that.

I have a little trust problem now days because you don't know who you can trust and who you can't, everyone is back stabbing each other and bitching I'm over that stuff. Its time to grow up people and smell the fresh air we are meant to have friends for life and you are all going about it the wrong way!

Its really not cool how nothing changes when you get older, i have spoken to some people that are older then me and they say the exact same thing! People are never going to change and the people that like to talk behind other peoples back and do all that nasty stuff really have nothing better to do with themselves then be in other peoples business.

So what i am really trying to say is that after a good long think and being in a different state to all my cool cat friends i think i have actually found out who my real friends are.

You guys know who you are and you all mean heaps to me, i love when we hang out, go shopping, go out together and have heaps of awesome drunk nights.

Friends are forever!

True Friends will always be there for you!

Treat them the way you want to be treated!

Keep their secrets because you know they would keep yours!

True friends are hard to come by!

Sam xx

First time


Tonight's dinner is roast pork and veggies.
I'm a bit of a house wife as some may know, and i cook clean and do all the house wife things.

& cooking is one of the biggest thing I'm yet to master, yeah i cook some pretty awesome things like my chop suey. (hehe)
But i have never cooked a roast pork, because i am not a fan of it unless my awesome friend Aiza cooks it. ;)


Your choice of any of the following:


If you have other veggies feel free to use them!

& Don't forget your Roast Pork.

(keeping in mind every ones different)

1. Preheat oven to 240⁰C.

2. Remove skin from pork, score and blanch in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

3. Heat oil in a roasting pan, rub pork with salt, pepper and rosemary sprigs and seal on all sides until golden. Transfer pan to the oven and roast for 20 minutes.

4. For vegetables, place vegetables and apple into a bowl, drizzle with oil and add rosemary, garlic and salt.

5. Reduce oven temperature to 200⁰C, add vegetables to pan with the pork, return to oven and cook for 35-45 minutes or until tender, golden and caramelised.

6. Remove pork and rest. If required slice into thick cutlets and pan fry until golden. Season to taste.

7. Massage salt into skin then lay onto a cake rack inside a roasting pan, to collect any fat. Roast for 20-25 minutes or until skin is crispy and golden.

8. For gravy, deglaze roasting pan with water. Add Dijon mustard and butter and cook over a medium high heat, stirring, until gravy has slightly thickened and is glossy.

9. Serve pork cutlet with vegetables and apple with gravy in a jug on the side.

This is Masta Chefs Way.
Similar to my way.

My Broccoli and cauliflower bake.
(as a side)

4 tablespoons butter
3 tablspoons of flour
2 cups of milk
Grated cheese
Combine the butter and flour in a pot cooking until a pastey texture
add milk and sterring until it turns into a creamy white sauce.
Putting Cauli and broccoli in a baking tray and couvering it with the creamy white sauce, adding cheese on top.
& baking for 20 minutes or until nice and golden.

Sam xx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Chasing my career

Looking to get my career on the road.

I'm now at the age where i am trying to figure out what i want to do with my life and where i want my career to lead me.

When i was younger i always said i wanted to be a hair dresser but I'm pretty sure every girl said they wanted to be a hair dresser when they were younger, then i decided i wanted to be the successful one in the family and finish school and become a lawyer, now that didn't happen as i dropped out of school in the first term of year 11. Why you ask? i started to be that rebellious teenager and lost interest in everything i done.

I was in the middle of an exam with the room quiet, looking out side day dreaming and thinking that i didn't want to be there anymore, so sitting there while everyone else is doing their exam i pencil in a few questions and kind of pretended i was doing something in case i got in trouble, times up exams finished an i made my mind up that i know longer wanted to be at school.

So now I'm 20 and at the start of the new year i decided i wanted to do a Business Administration course, i started the course and then quickly lost interest only because i thought that doing it from home would have been better then going to an actual class, okay so i was wrong, i had know motivation to start it. I always said to myself "ill do some home work today" the day slowly went by and nothing had been done.

I am now in the middle of know where, and working at the coolabah tree.I hate it there! Bitching, Backstabbing and everybody is in everybodys business. I want to get back into my course and find my perfect Administration Job that i am now looking for! Applying for everything and anything i possibly can.

I know that it takes alot of people to finally decide what they want to do in life and some just don't want to work, i see it as I'm 20 I'm half way to 40 and i need to get my life on the road and make something of it.


Sam xx

Monday, 5 September 2011

New Month New Blogs

Hey guys its me again, hope you all missed me

So here i am back after my little holiday that turned into a really BIG disaster.
(keep reading  for that update)

Its a new month and summer is not far away now, thanks to all you cool cats that have been keeping track on everything i am blogging.
I have recently had "writers block" where i just couldn't think of what to write, or it wouldn't make sense.

So last month i had 305 people checking out my blog, i think that its awesome how many of you are interested in the things i have done, doing, and interested in..

Sam xx