Wednesday, 14 November 2012

New Arrival


Yes that's right, a new baby! My gorgeous little nephew came into this world on the 30th March 2012. He is super cute and cheeky, im a little bummed that i can't be in victoria to watch the little guy grow up! I keep in touch with his mummy (my sister) pretty much everyday via facebook! She has recorded his first crawl so everyone can see, i was so excited, now he is going to be getting into alot of mischief. I really can't believe how fast people grow up, he will be 1 in four months! Its crazy how time flys. I am so proud with how my sister is bringing him up, she is a great mum! I couldnt imagine how hard or easy it is to bring up a child into today society. Meliss if you read this, keep doing what your doing because you are doing a great job! Dont let anyone tell you any different!

Sam xx

Monday, 12 November 2012


Trust In A Relationship Is Everything!

Trust in a relationship is everything, if you don't have trust then you have nothing!
I believe that this is the most important thing you need to make something work.
I am incredably super inlove at the moment and i never want it to change, Jamie means the world to me and i wouldn't have him any other way!
He is my everything, i keep no secrets from him! He know's pretty much everything about me.
He is my bestfriend, i have learnt to trust him, once this trust has been broken its going to take a lifetime to fix!

I wish there were something i could do to show how appreciative i am to have him as my partner!

Have no secrets, Have no lies!

Sam xx

New Car!

My New Car!

Yes, i got a new car! Be excited because i am :)
I finally got rid of my bombadore (commodore) and got my self some American muscle.
My Dodge Caliber, black beauty! Has everything you want!
Jamie just got her some new shoes for my Christmas present!
22's baby! Now she really is pretty!
$27,000 later i may be in debt but at least its mine once iv paid her off! Something i was always wanting to do, and i finally did it!

To This


Sam xx

Sweet 21st

My 21st, Came & Gone!

Best Night Ever - My 21st was on May the 20th!
I was planning my 21st for months before it came, organising everything!
The night before i ended up getting really sick and lost my voice, worst thing that could happen.
I had many great friends to help me organise and set up that day, the time came where it was showers and time to get dressed and ready.
As greatful as i am i do wish things turned out a little different.
I had the most amazing night, with awesome family and friends.
Got very drunk, ate lots of nibblie's, i had the BEST birthday cake ever!!
It was vanilla with layers of nutella.

The Dress; well, i am not a girly girl so you could imagine how hard it would have been for me to find a dress, something i really liked!
I went to Melbourne with a friend and there wasn't anything there that i liked, i then went in the other direction and went all the way out to sale - still nothing!
So i went half way, went to Yarragon one day and actually found "THE" dress.
It was white and black - pretty simply but cute.
Sometimes simple can be perfect!

In the end it was a great night, and the next day i was
feeling very sorry for myself!
21st Success!

Sam xx

Pool days.


On the weekends and days off i like to spend my day at the local pool soaking up the rays and getting a tan.

Yes i know that its not summer yet and in places like Victoria its still raining and the local pools aren't even open... BUT for sunny Queensland the pool opens early October as its hot most days.

i love taking my favorite mag and my ipod with my favorite songs and chilling out and listening to music, not having a care in the world!
Life can be truely amazing sometimes! <3 

Sam xx

Update On What's Been Happening.

My Update!

Wow, its been awhile! Where to start? Yes lots has happened since i last blogged but i don't know where to begin.
I'm pretty sure at the beginning of all this i told you i had a job in Real Estate, things have changed and I'm no longer in that industry! I'm now confused on what i want to do, which is making me feel lost and confused.
I have been applying for so many jobs, hopefully i hear back from something i have applied for.
Jamie; yes we are still together, we have been travelling down on a rocky road but things have been great lately and i couldn't ask for things to be any better between us!
We have moved, we are no longer living in the middle of nowhere, its exciting to be able to actually go and do things without having to drive 45mins out of town going one way or going the other way we would have to drive maybe 3 hours to actually do something!
Iv got a lot more to talk about but i think i will do them in different blogs :)

stay tuned!!

Sam xx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

15 most amazing.

15 Most Amazing Moments In Life;

  1. Coming Home Late & Going Straight To Bed.
  2. Buying Amazing Clothes That You Found On Sale.
  3. Holding Hands.
  4. Unexpected Moments That Become Your Favourite Memories.
  5. Talking On The Phone Until Five In The Morning.
  6. Resting On Somones Chest.
  7. Taking Long Showers That Wash Away Your Worries.
  8. Feeling As Though You Finally Belong Somewhere.
  9. Deciding What You Want To Do With Your Life.
  10. Feeling satisfied After A Delicious Meal.
  11. Falling Asleep Instantly When Your Upset.
  12. Meeting People That Happen To Change Your Life.
  13. When You Have A Great Night Of Sleep.
  14. Drinking A Cup Of Tea.
  15. Realizing Everything Is Going To Be Okay.

Sam xx