Monday, 12 November 2012

Sweet 21st

My 21st, Came & Gone!

Best Night Ever - My 21st was on May the 20th!
I was planning my 21st for months before it came, organising everything!
The night before i ended up getting really sick and lost my voice, worst thing that could happen.
I had many great friends to help me organise and set up that day, the time came where it was showers and time to get dressed and ready.
As greatful as i am i do wish things turned out a little different.
I had the most amazing night, with awesome family and friends.
Got very drunk, ate lots of nibblie's, i had the BEST birthday cake ever!!
It was vanilla with layers of nutella.

The Dress; well, i am not a girly girl so you could imagine how hard it would have been for me to find a dress, something i really liked!
I went to Melbourne with a friend and there wasn't anything there that i liked, i then went in the other direction and went all the way out to sale - still nothing!
So i went half way, went to Yarragon one day and actually found "THE" dress.
It was white and black - pretty simply but cute.
Sometimes simple can be perfect!

In the end it was a great night, and the next day i was
feeling very sorry for myself!
21st Success!

Sam xx

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