Monday, 12 November 2012

Update On What's Been Happening.

My Update!

Wow, its been awhile! Where to start? Yes lots has happened since i last blogged but i don't know where to begin.
I'm pretty sure at the beginning of all this i told you i had a job in Real Estate, things have changed and I'm no longer in that industry! I'm now confused on what i want to do, which is making me feel lost and confused.
I have been applying for so many jobs, hopefully i hear back from something i have applied for.
Jamie; yes we are still together, we have been travelling down on a rocky road but things have been great lately and i couldn't ask for things to be any better between us!
We have moved, we are no longer living in the middle of nowhere, its exciting to be able to actually go and do things without having to drive 45mins out of town going one way or going the other way we would have to drive maybe 3 hours to actually do something!
Iv got a lot more to talk about but i think i will do them in different blogs :)

stay tuned!!

Sam xx

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