Monday, 17 October 2011

My Pa & short letter


A week ago i was leaving blackwater with Jamie to go to Goondiwindi to pick up his car and i received a phone call that i really wasn't looking forward too. The phone call off Trac letting me know that pa had passed away, gasping for words i didn't really have anything to say. You could very well say that i was shocked, i knew it was coming one day, but why so soon? 

I guess everyone has their time where the angels above like to take there knew guardian angels.

Dear Pa,
 You were always such the life of the family BBQ'S always cracking jokes and always having something funny to say, giving all us grand kids big cuddles and kisses when we first arrived i always loved that moment. I can't remember the funny story behind it but we always had a personal joke that i was your wife and you were my husband, and it stuck! Always coming in and saying "ahh there is my husband" and giving u a big kiss and cuddle. You are now with the angels above and i am sure they will take real good care of you, you will be so happy up there out of pain and being with your real wife GiGi.
When my day comes and the angels decide its my turn to come for a long holiday ill be looking forward to seeing you in the next life. I love you Pa. You were a Strong man!


Sam xx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Getting Out There.

Getting Out There!

After reading one of the blogs i follow and taking up some useful advice i thought i would make my own facebook page for my blog just to make it easier for people to follow me and keep up to date.

if you haven't yet liked my page here is the link for you to do so :)!/pages/The-Life-Of-Sam/266079640097915

Getting out into the Internet world alot more is abit exciting knowing i am going to have lots of people reading all my blogs and following what's happening in "The Life Of Sam"


Sam xx

My Top 7 Iphone Apps

My IPhone... I must admit i have become an iPhone-holic, everything i need is on my iPhone. I don't go anywhere without it, its always in my pocket or in my bag.  I pretty much LOVE it. ♥♥♥
 My 7 Favorite IPhone Apps

Blogger - Us cool cats that love to blog and let everyone know all the amazing things that is happening in our wonderful life's.

Ebay -  On the go shopping, every girl should have this on their phone!

Facebook - Social Networking!!! I also have an addiction to facebook and having it handy all day is great for me. I love being kept up to date, seeing as i am miles away from all my friends.

Instagram - As you can tell I use this app alot. Have a look see through my blog posts and you will find many photos I've taken using Instagram. It would have to be one of my most fav's!

HeyTell - Short voice messages sent from one Heytell user to another! I like this app because its sometimes easier then sending a message.
Foursquare - It's a fun app that you can let everyone know where you are and after you have been to a certain place many times you then can become the mayor! Leave tips, and share things for people to go an check out themselves!

Commbank - Being able to do on the go banking makes life so much easier, it's saved me a few times having to transfer money from one account to another..  

Sam xx

great news.


After all that traveling, tears and a good 3 weeks away Jamie and i sorted our differences out and decided that i would drive back home and give everything another go!
Driving back to Victoria on my own was good because i can enjoy my own company but it got boring, so i thought it was a great idea to bring my dad along for the drive and he will be staying until the 25th. This time i drove up the way Jamie and i usually go when we go to and from Victoria, the first night we made it to Dubbo, after a massive 12 hours and 40 mins all i wanted to do was get out of the car and go to sleep.. But having "NO" accommodation anywhere we had to keep driving to the next town and that was Gilgandra staying over night we were off again early in the morning and arrived in Blackwater at about 12.30pm.

Things with Jamie and i are coming along, but i look forward to a happy life that we have planned in the near future.

some photos i took coming home.


Sam xx

Saturday, 15 October 2011



"After all those amazing and happy blogs i had been doing time came to a standstill and my happiness came tumbling down".

Jamie and i had a very big disagreement and i decided we needed some time apart, time to calm down and time to figure out what the both of us wanted in life. I drove 2,156km which is about 1 day and two hours without stops to Victoria, on my drive i went down the coast stopping and seeing family i hadn't seen in years and my Mother i hadn't seen in about 9 years!

So after about fourteen hours i made it to Redland bay Queensland which was my destination for a stop over for the night, which ended up being two after some good times with the family i thought the least i could do was stay another night. After my second night staying i decided to leave at 5am in the morning and made it to Mooloolaba Queensland and saw my Nan that i also hadn't seen in YEARS..
Heather (mum) Chayse (nephew)

I took this time to be a bit of a tourist and coming out of Queensland i went to the macadamia castle where i stopped and had some brunch,
(for those who don't know what brunch is, its breaky and lunch)
So that was Queensland, as i make my way down to the coast i come into New South Wales. The sun shining and it's very hot in my car with no airconditioning, i am near dying from the heat...

Going past one of Coffs Harbour's must see attractions the BIG BANANA, although this is nothing knew to me as i lived in Coffs for some of my early childhood i had seen it all before.
So that was New south wales, up next is Sydney N.s.w where i stayed with my friends Em and Matt, was a relaxing 2 night stay where i relaxed and had a breather from all my driving i had been doing. i didn't take any exciting pics on my stay here but i do have a funny one that caught my eye as i was driving into em's complex.
If this isn't funny then im sorry i don't think
you have a sense of humor. ;-)

So that pretty much sums up my trip back home because the rest of the driving is night time and i didn't get to do much exploring. I hope you enjoy the lastest update of whats happening.


sam xx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Phone blogging.

Hey guys, sorry its been a while i have been away and had a few things happen that have stopped me from being able to blog and let everyone know whats been happening in the life of sam! So iv recently got the iphone app for blogging and thought id check it out.

Id like to know everyones opinion of blogging on my iphone, if its no good ill go back to blogging on my computer and let everyone know whats been happening the past few weeks.

Sam xx